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Welcome to the Land of Spatulas

February 18, 2009

For Christmas, Capt. and I got his sister-in-law (who is one of my best friends), JF, a hilarious game called Quelf.  Quelf is absolutely ridiculous and words can’t quite describe what it is.  I like to say that it is random, it’s purpose it to just be silly, and it can and should be enjoyed with cocktails!

Quelf has a character named Queen Spatula, who JF was when we played the game together (I was Mrs. Pickle Feather and was terrible at the game).  Here’s a little bit about Queen Spatula:


Her Royal Highness, Queen Spatula, rules over all the Land of Quelf. She rules her kingdom with the power held in her mighty spatula. She is proud. She is dignified. She is large and in-charge (emphasis on LARGE). Our pretty and plump Queen takes no guff from nobody. She’s liable to give you a crack to your noggin with her unmistakable Royal Spatula Scepter if you ever get out of line. She takes things in Quelf seriously, and while you may scratch your head and wonder who on earth made her the Queen, or where she got that crazy spatula, make no mistake: if you want somebody to clear a path for you through the tangled silliness of Quelf, she’s your lady!

For those who don’t appreciate the two food references I have already made — spatula and pickle! — here’s, where I’m going with this!  I was playing around on the William-Sonoma website and found a PRINCESS SPATULA!  How fun would this be for JF to hold next time we play Quelf?  Or for her to use to bake us some goodies before we all get together to play?



A Gift of Love

February 5, 2009

I feel as though I am kind of obligated to do a Valentine’s Day post. My beau and I have actually never spent Valentine’s Day together since I lived in New York for a majority of our relationship. Now that we actually will be together on Valentine’s Day this year, I think neither of us are quite sure what to do.  We’re making plans to go out to eat, but are avoiding going out on Valentine’s Day since it’s a Saturday. Actually, all I know for certain about our plans is that I have Chocolat at the top of my Netflix queue and I hope we watch it! 

My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is all the cute pink stuff with hearts that are put out!  I like silly cutesy stuff, and would definitely scoop up a couple of these goodies to use year round!

Jessica Rust Designs

Red Envelope


Michael Aram

luckylittledot Etsy Shop
Boojiboo Etsy Shop

The Greatest Gift Ever Given

January 26, 2009

My beau is a great gift giver.  He’s gotten me my favorite books, helped me to accomplish my goal of owning a piece of Tiffany’s jewelry, and makes sure I can always access How I Met Your Mother and Arrested Development by getting me their DVD boxsets (all I need now is Freaks and Geeks and I will be a happy girl!).

But, one of the greatest gifts he has ever given me is a teapot with a mesh wire basket infuser!  I drink at least 2 cups of tea every day and get very very very excited about trying new tea flavors.  When we go shopping at Wegman’s together, if I disappear, the first place my beau checks is the tea section.  My girlfriends and I try to schedule special tea parties once a season.  It’s really almost an addiction, but I just love it!

This teapot brews a little more than 1 cup of tea , and the infusers allows me to try out loose tea leaves in addition to my regular English Breakfast Twinings Tea.  I truly love this teapot and all of it’s green glory!  It also conveniently matches one of my favorite tea/coffee cups, which was given to me by a Korean friend of mine in high school!huesnbrewsteapot1HuesNBrews Infuser 17 oz Stem Green Teapot








My adorable mug!