See You at Brunch

As the whether gets warmer and you folks slowly emerge from hibernation, eager to welcome warmth and sunshine . . . well, first I’d tell you to go back into hibernation, we’ll keep having cool days until closer to May!  Then I would tell you to ease back into the bar scene slowly and with mimosas.  It’s really the best way to do it!

Capt. and I finally got to go to Little Havana in Baltimore for their highly popular brunch.  I have heard nothing but raves about brunch at Little Havana, and after almost 2 years of bugging Capt. to take me, he finally gave in.  I was tickled and excited, and as he called to make our 11am reservation, I knew it was going to be a good Sunday.

We arrived at Little Havana at 10:50am and there was a line.  It wasn’t a big line, but it was a line . . . the line consisted of intermural teams eager to have a sip before (or after, I don’t really know) their big game, couples like Capt. and myself, and parents with their children.  We all had the same intention, to eat and drink ourselves silly for $13.95 per person.  And boy did we succeed.

Little Havana’s brunch is just that, $13.95 per person for a brunch entree (Cuban-inspired) and bottomless mimosas, bloody mary’s, and non-alcoholic beverages, like coffee, that I couldn’t care less about when promised orange juice and champagne.

Thanks to Capt.’s good thinking about making us a reservation, we were seated and served quickly.  We got our drinks within the first few minutes of sitting down.  I ordered a mimosa and Capt. ordered a bloody mary.  Trust us, we learned that day that Little Havana does not skip on the libations.  They want everyone to get happy and drunk.  We started off with pint glasses of beverages at 11am and left at 1:30pm, having killed off 2 pitchers.  They weren’t strong, but they did the trick!


A word to the wise, Little Havan prepared their bloody mary’s the night before and are very generous with Old Bay in the actual mix and on the lip of the cup.  The drink ended up being strong for Capt. and less than pleasant for me.  If you’re on the fence about sipping on Mary, go for the mimosas.

We were only about halfway finished our drinks when our brunch arrived.  I had ordered a side of plantain fritters sprinkled with powdered sugar, and an avocado omelette, which included eggs, topped with fresh avocados and a mixture called sofritos on the inside.  Sofrito is advertised as “peppers and onions stewed in a spicy tomato sauce, as a girl who can hardly tolerate pepper, it’s not spicy and reminded me of a watery cooked pico de gallo.


You can see in the picture I didn’t just get the omelette.  Served with it was a very welcome surprise of 2 strips of bacon, a delightful sugary sweet mini muffin, cuban bread strips, and honey butter that was so good it could have been eaten on its own.

The meal was totally worth the $13.95!  We finished shortly after and sat and watched basketball on TV while drinking as many pitchers as we could handle.  Unlike other popular brunches I’ve been to, no one was trying to kick us out, we were welcome to stay as long as we like.  It was glorious!

By noon the atmosphere really started picking up at the place.  Truthfully, it seemed like for a lot of the people, brunch at Little Havana was the equivalent of going to the bar.  Capt. and I both agreed that we would almost prefer doing brunch than going out on a Saturday night. 

There were large groups killing pitcher after pitcher of mimosas, people playing shuffle board and pool, the NCAA tournament was showing on all TVs, and no one was rushing you out.  It was really like a night out on a town.  There were all age ranges, college student, parents with small children, people my parents age and older.  Everyone was welcome!

So as you’re easing back into the routine of hitting the pavement and reentering society after a winter of hibernation, make your first stop brunch at Little Havana.  It won’t disappoint.


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