Green Cupcakes!

After enjoying lunch and shopping at the Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company on Saturday, Capt. and I headed to Baltimore Cupcake Company to indulge in the number two (edible) thing that makes me happy . . . cupcakes!

The store was in Locust Point and ended up being easier to get to than I thought, of course Capt. is familiar with the area and he was driving so that might not be true . . .

On the outside the store was advertising that it carried Lillian Vernon, Vera Bradley, and all other preppy merchandise to go along with the cupcakes.  I guess so you can shop and eat.  Well, I guess they were switching inventory or sold out of everything that they had because the place looked empty.  That has nothing to do with cupcakes, but hey, they were advertising it so I feel the need to comment!

The flavors they had available were Key Lime, Vanilla Woo, Chocolate Woo, Peanut Butter Cup, Bailey’s Chocolate, and something coconut whose name we can’t remember.  We decided to go with Peanut Butter Cup (for Capt.), Key Lime, Vanilla Woo, and the Bailey’s flavor (all for me).  The Bailey’s was our in honor of St. Patrick’s Day selection . . . I just had to do it . . .


Oh my goodness, these cupcakes tasted as wonderful as they look!  I consider myself to be somewhat of a cupcake expert, especially after spending a day in NY sampling and rating cupcakes from 5 different places (all for pleasure, of course) and Baltimore Cupcake Company’s treats certainly would have ranked high on my rating.  I don’t care for frosting that is too heavy or sugary and the frosting on all cupcakes, although very sugary and sweet, were not overpowering.  The sweetness in the Key Lime cupcakes were pretty strong, but I kind of expected that from Key Lime.  If you can’t handle strong sugar, I’d recommend staying away from the Key Lime and maybe go for something a bit more mild.


Now, the most important part of a cupcake to me is the cake.  I cannot stand dry cupcakes!  Dry cake can ruin a cupcake, and I do not stand for it!  All the cupcakes we received had nice, soft, moist cake.  I was most impressed by the Bailey’s cupcake, whose cake and frosting could have each stood alone and given me enjoyment.  The Key Lime was again, the least impressive cake-wise.  It didn’t have much flavor, but in the end that was probably for the better because of the sweetness of the frosting.

So, at the end of our Saturday afternoon, Capt. was happy, I was happy, and I am still waiting to enjoy Vanilla Woo . . . YUM!

Oh, and they have Cupcake Happy Hour.  Who can turn down cupcakes for $1?








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