Tea is an Irish Thing too!

One thing I told Capt. that I wanted to do this weekend was finally check out the Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company location in our area.  As you all know, tea is a weakness of mine right up there with cupcakes, so a visit to Baltimore Coffee would just tickle me pink!


After a slow start this morning, due to a late night trip to Atlantic City last night, we got moving with the intention of doing a little shopping and catching some lunch.

The store is set up so coffee lovers can go to one side of the store and shop at a huge assortment of flavored coffee beans (fair trade at that!) and get a few coffee making accessories.  When you walk into the store, the smell of fresh coffee just hits your nose, making the place have such a warm and cozy feel to it.  I tell you what, if I drank coffee, I would have picked up some of their Pumpkin Spice coffee beans.  Capt. got himself a cup of their Toasted Almond coffee and said that it was delicious.

I headed directly to the side of the store that sold tea!  I haven’t used my tea strainer that Capt. got me last Christmas in a while and I was eager to get some loose tea leaves.  You better believe that was an easy thing to do!  The store had tons of different kinds of tea by all different companys, all packaged adorabley (because to some people packaging means a lot!).  I picked up Blackberry-Apple and Peach and Ginger tea by Baltimore Tea.


After shopping was finished, it was time for lunch!  I got the Eastern Shore Chicken Salad (with craisins and walnuts) on ciabatta and Capt. picked up the Bay Blue Roast Beef, which he got on a pretzal roll instead of baguette.  The sandwiches were all around delicious sandwiches and were consummed quickly and happily!

All in all, the food was good, the merchandise better, and it’s a great place for a tea and coffee lover to check out.  Go there instead of starbucks!

Oh, and they had the most delicious looking gelato, which I really really wanted, but by then we had decided that we were going to get cupcakes!  More on that on Monday . . .


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