Happy Birthday . . . 3 Weeks Later!

To celebrate my friend, DG’s birthday, we went into Downtown Frederick for a little brunch and shopping.  I think for people who aren’t familiar with Historic Frederick, it’s really an underestimated place. 

Frederick has some great restaurants and fun shops.  Whenever I go, I insist on popping into Muse for a few locally made goods like jewelry, paints, journals, hair pieces, and home goods.  Actually DG and I signed up to take a bracelet making class through Muse in March!

DG requested that we go to Cafe Nola for brunch on Saturday and boy was it a good choice!  Cafe Nola buys directly from local farms (and there are a lot in Frederick County!), offering fresh food while supporting the local community.  Cafe Nola was very casual with a modern cafe style.  You seat yourself and wait for a server to come to you, again, the service is casual, so if you’re in a hurry, I don’t know if I would recommend popping in there.  If you’re spending an afternoon with your best friends, want delicious food, and to have a good time, go ahead in!

JC (on the right) and I head into Cafe Nola!

We started off with some coffee and Tea, Cafe Nola proved to have a large selection of tea, and DG branched out and got a Brazilian Berry Tea. Mmm . . . It didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted, although DG made sure that we all knew everything there was good.  DG and JC wanted their baked tofu sandwich, which has baked tofu, goat cheese, spring greens, hummus, and onion.  Unfortunately, they were out of tofu, and we all ended up getting the Grilled Cheesey sandwich.  The sandwich included provolone cheese, tomato, fresh basil, and pesto, on focaccia.  The sandwiches were served with a side of bagel chips which were salted to crispy perfection.

JC and I digging into our grilled cheesey!

I’m a little fussy about pesto, I think because my first time eating it wasn’t the best experience.  Let me just say that I walked away extremely happy about every item that was used to create my grilled cheesey.  Actually, JC got hers without basil and pesto and I looked over at her eating it and thought that she was just missing out!

It was delicious, I hope to go there again next time I make a trip to Frederick, and think you should go to!  Branch out and see everything Frederick has to offer!


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