Everything is Better Dipped in Chocolate

My friend, KW, sent me a link to The Crispery, a small New York company dedicated to rice crispy treats. 

The treats The Crispery makes looks absolutely delicious, they are affordable, and since it’s a business that works entirely online, they are also accessible for all!

Here’s what the owner, Vicki Mate, has to say:

In 1995, The Crispery was founded by me…my name is Vicki Mate. Its creation was due to the fact that I was a mom who had a strong passion for marshmallow… yes, marshmallow. Even as a young girl my most favorite desserts were those classic marshmallow crispy treats. Remember the ones you made from the recipe on the back of the breakfast cereal box. Well… my love affair with marshmallow never really ended. It went on and on, through college, graduate school and eventually to the real world. So with my flair for business and a talent in cooking; it was inevitable my mission was to set out to create the most delectable marshmallow crispy bar ever.

My plan was to sell to all those people (both young, old and in between) who shared my same obsession for this extraordinary marshmallow dessert. Then, after about a year of serious experimentation, it was finally created. Simply the most delicious homemade marshmallow crispy bar ever; with a taste that was just unbelievably scrumptious!! Your first bite of our crispy bar took you back to the best part of childhood. The gooey sweetness of the marshmallow and the delectable crunch are perfect all on their own. But I took these crispy bars to another dimension and well beyond!!

I was finally so satisfied with the finished product that I decided it was time to sell and market The Crispery.

As I suspected, my very first sales call was a big success. The owner from a very popular local store loved them so much he purchased them on the spot! Within a very short amount of time, The Crispery was selling in many stores across the country. That’s basically how it all happened.

Now, due to an overwhelming demand from our customers all over the country… The Crispery is expanding from the wholesale world of business into the retail one via Internet. Offering a spectacular line of gift items. These gift items of crispy bars are all handmade, made fresh daily and are customized for all occasions. Please look for our new gift items such as our own line of creamy hot cocoa when ordering The Crispery’s crispy bars for family and friends. Make sure you also treat yourself to a box of your favorites…you won’t want to share. The Crispery ships though out the United States.

The Crispery has been continuously growing for over a decade now. I still love and enjoy this business as much (if not more) as I did when I first started it. Just remember…The Crispery is always evolving, creating and growing in so many amazing directions. We look forward to you continuing the journey with us being such loyal and dedicated customers that you have been all these years.

If I had to choose what rice crispy I would want, it would probably the drizzled mini-marshmallows or the chocolate dipped, or at $2.95 each, I could get them both!

Just guess which one this is!


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