Valentine’s Day Re-Cap Finale!

We finished off a Valentine’s Day weekend at Woodberry Kitchen, which is outside of Hampden, Baltimore in an area called Clipper Mill.


Clipper Mill itself appears to be a new up and coming area of Baltimore and it’s well on its way.  We hope to go back in the daytime and check it out because the building surrounding Woodberry Kitchen were very hip, deconstructed, yet modern.

Before heading out, I looked online to see if I could find any reviews of where we had chosen to eat, just to see what people were saying about it.  Surprisingly enough, there wasn’t much, which in retrospect, I think is such a disappointment. Woodberry Kitchen proved itself to be a place that should be shared with people.


Woodberry’s main draw is that it focuses on using seasonal and organic food from local farms.  The food that you eat is only the best that you can get from the Chesapeake Bay region, farms that Woodberry is happy to share with you on their menu and on their website.  Capt. and I are very supportive of these intiatives and are happy to eat at places that help to support local agriculture.

The decor of Woodberry fit in with the whole feel of the Clipper Mill area.  I think Capt. described it perfectly when he said that Woodberry was one of the nicest casual places you could go.  There was lots of wood, exposed brick, dimmed lighting, and waitresses dressed kind of like milk maids.  When you go, you’ll completely understand.  It was cozy, romantic, and unpretentious.

We started with the melting cheeses, which were a slab of melted cheddar cheese and a slab of goat cheese served with bread and crackers.  There wasn’t anything quite impressive about this appetizer and we wish that we had gotten a little more creative in our choice, but it was tasty nonetheless.

For our entree, Capt. order a grilled rockfish that was served with a leek sauce and turnips.  I chose a cider-brined pork loin served with a buckwheat crepe, cooked apples, and cabbage, which on the plate appeared as a apple and cabbage turnover.

We ended up trading dishes because Capt. realized that he doesn’t care for stronger tasting fish.  After trading, we both enjoyed and savored every bite.  The food had a fresh and strong flavor that popped with every bite.  Everything worked perfectly together and there was no weak point to either meal.

 The crepe with the cabbage and apples was one of the highlights.  It was definitely something that I would love to be able re-create but know that it wouldn’t taste nearly as good.

We saved room for dessert.  Capt. ordered a dark chocolate souffle-like tart that was served with orange ice cream and I ordered a creme brulee with cranberries.  Let me just say that the chocolate dessert made up for the disappointing brownie we had had the night before.  It was spectacular and he was happy.  I personally love creme brulee and enjoyed the pop of flavor that came with each fresh cranberry that I bit into.

We walked away agreeing that Woodberry offered one of the best meals we’ve had out in a very long time.  We plan on going back in the summertime when they offer outdoor seating and most likely a completely different menu.

Here are the farms that Woodberry Kitchen has a partnership with:

Our Growers include One Straw Farm, Reid’s Orchard, Black Rock Orchard, Trickling Springs Creamery, Springfield Farm, Tuscarora Organic Growers, Woolsey Farm, Richfield Farm, McCarthy Farm, Roseda Farm, Truck Patch Farm, Martin Farm, Gunpowder Trading Co., Fig Leaf Farm, and Fountain Farm.

Fresh seafood is from Rappahannock River Oysters, Marvesta Shrimp Farm, Walton Seafood, Prime Seafood and Gaylord Clark at Two Oceans Seafood.


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