Valentine’s Day Weekend Re-Cap

Capt. and I had such a great weekend, that I figured I’d give you all a full re-cap over the course of the next three days.  From Friday through Sunday we drank, dined, and just had a great time (I was missing a third D to describe our weekend.  No alliteration from me!).

We started Friday a little slowly and probably not as healthy as we would have liked.  But, we figured that it was my last day at a job I hated, and we were allowed to enjoy!

We headed to Pei Wei, which is essentially a fast food Thai restaurant by the same management company as P.F. Chang’s.  Capt. has been wanting to eat at P.F. Chang’s but we haven’t made it there quite yet.  It’s pretty popular right now and on a weekend night, it’s practically impossible to get into.  So, we go to Pei Wei and it always kills our craving for Thai.  We’ve found that it’s a pretty reliable place to get a quick and somewhat affordable bite.  It also doesn’t hurt that they serve Thai and Japanese beers, which we’re both so fond of.

We then headed to DuClaw, which has become one of our default bars in Fells Point, Baltimore to go out to.  We first went to DuClaw when I had some friends from New York in town and we were trying to show them the sights.  We took the water taxi over to Fells and ended up heading to DuClaw.  We loved it and could have spent our whole day and evening there. 


If you ever go to DuClaw, start off by ordering a flight of their beers.  It’s affordable and their don’t skimp on the tasting sizes, we had enough for 5 people to sample and finish off their favorites.  They have a ton of beer to try and this is the best way to choose your favorite.  Capt. loved one of their seasonal stouts called Black-Out.  My personal favorite is an ale called Mysterium.  Here’s a little summary of them both:

Paint it Black.
Succumb to this dark, medium bodied German-style dark lager’s smooth roasted flavors and light hoppy bitterness. Don’t worry, you’ll remember everything the next morning.

Get a clue.
This golden Belgian ale will mystify you with its medium body, its subtle malt and hop profiles, and its complex blend of spices. Fruit flavors, produced by a special strain of Belgian yeast, combine with Belgian candied sugar, chamomile, grains of paradise, and cardamom to create an unfiltered ale so intriguiging, you’ll never want to get to the bottom of the mystery … or your glass.

Unfortunately for us, our favorites are seasonal and not for the winter!  In lieu of Black-Out and Mysterium, Capt. had a brew called Alchemy and I had Bare-Ass Blonde.  Both are tasty beers and proved to be good companions to us both as we watched the Rookie-Sophomore game of the NBA All-Star weekend.

Here’s a little summary of these beers for you:

Conjuring forgotten lost arts, our Brewmaster has infused flaked oats and malted barley to create this mystical, inky-black elixir that transforms one’s soul and spirit. Its silky smoothness will imbue the drinker with great vigor and delight as it flows through the veins. So what are you waiting for, give in and try a little bit of our sorcery.

Bare Ass Blonde
The naked truth.
This handcrafted brew is our most popular beer. Could it be the mild hop character and smooth drinkability that brings people back? The light color and medium body? The name?

After consumming our fair share of what DuClaw had to offer us, we headed straight to another one of our favorite bars in Baltimore, Slainte


We like Slainte because it’s a small cozy bar, is rarely overwhelmingly crowded (but not boring), and because it’s the place to go to watch soccer and rugby.  In fact, they’re so well known for showing Rugby and Soccer that they have their television schedule on their website for all sports fans.  I’ve never had Slainte’s food, but Capt. says that it’s generally tasty Irish pub food.  You really can’t go wrong with that!

There we drank, gave a cheers to a great weekend, and ended our Friday night on a high note.

Oh, and because I’m antsy about gift giving, we exchanged our gifts before heading out.  Capt. hooked me up with Jamie Oliver’s newest cookbook, which I LOVED.  I got him two tickets to see the Baltimore Blast soccer team play in March.

We like sports.  Can you tell?


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