Fond of You Fondue

Fondue is fun because it’s a polite way to play with your food.  Some people consider it romantic.  I say eh about that, but that’s just me.  BUT, as we all know, I like wine.  Wine is fun and romantic and this weekend, people in the Baltimore area can combine the two at Boordy Vineyards

I think Boordy Vineyards is pretty awesome because they always have cool sounding events going on.  In the summertime they did a dancing under the stars series, where they offered wine tasting and dancing.  They also did a good time series where they hosted speakers about various food topics and had local vendors sample food. 

This winter they’ve done a soup and wine month, a chili and wine month, and now are doing the fondue and wine month.  Capt. and I have aimed on attending at least one of each of their series, but sometimes we get lazy and forego cool events in exchange for laying in bed or hanging around bookstores.  We’re working on getting better about that.  I’ll just say that I’m saving up all my energy and dollars for their Red White and Bluegrass series in April.

The Fond of You Fondue event is running all February and they are opening up an hour earlier on Saturday, when romance is most prevelant.  In my opinion, this would be a fun and affordable (hello!  $12!) Valentine’s Day activity, regardless of whether or not you have a Capt. to take you to it!

PS – the promo mentions roasting marshmallows.  Smores are another one of my favorite desserts.  If this thing combines wine, fondue, marshmellows, and live music, it’s really kind of like a dream chalk full of happiness.  Truly.


Get more info here and get tickets here.


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