* It’s really not a tete-a-tete because there are 3 of us!

I have two girlfriends who I have known for a majority of my life.  One I have been linked to since I was in diapers.  The other I’ve known since elementary school, although it hasn’t been until later in life that we’ve really deepened our friendship.  I love these girls and the time we spend together.  The sad thing is that we live in different cities, as friends tend to do when they become grown-up. 

One thing we try to do to keep ourselves connected is to go out, and we are rather fond of going out for tea!   Actually, we have only done tea twice, but I like to imagine that we’ll do it more often and we’ll become pro tea drinkers!  Here are the places we’ve been:

1401 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD
Here’s what they have to say:
Have your favorite loose leaf tea freshly infused by the pot or iced, a house-made scone served with clotted cream & preserves, four delectable tea sandwiches & a Patisserie Poupon dessert trio. All for $19.95 per person (excludes tax & gratuity)

Great idea for any social gathering, bridal shower, baby shower, mother & daughter tea, sweet sixteen or just spending time with special people.

Available Saturday & Sunday By Reservation Only–To Make Yours Call 410-522-1907
Now Teavolve Will Host Your Afternoon Tea Party During the Week For Parties of 8 or more!

Our Verdict:
The place was obviously new and we were the first and possibly only people there while we were eating.  Service was good, they had everything all set-up for us when we got there and were very attentive.  I thought the food was what you would expect it to be for a tea party — very rarely does the food blow me away — little sandwiches with the crust cut off a plenty!

Teavolve is also in/very close to Fells Point, so I would do a little tea and go wander down there . . . Maybe stop into DuClaw for a little post-tea beverage.

Beans on the Belfry
122 West Potomac St.
Brunswick, MD 21716

Here’s What They Say:
Every Sunday and Wednesday
between 2pm and 5pm
Traditional English Tea Service
live music during tea time most Sundays, reservations required
view tea menu

Our Verdict:
I usually only go into Brunswick once a year when I go biking riding on the C&O Canal.  I start in Brunswick and ride to Harpers Ferry and then back.  So, this was my first time actually going inside one of the few restaurants and shops in Brunswick.  To be perfectly honest with you, until someone proves me wrong, there is very little reason to go to Brunswick other than the C&O Canal.  But, Beans on the Belfry really surprised me!  It is a little coffee shop inside of an old church.  The decor is adorable and it’s really family friendly.

Tea service itself was good, once our waitress/hostess realized we were all there.  The sandwiches and scones were really tasty and the tea itself was pretty good, my main complaint was that they didn’t let it seep for long enough before serving.  I would recommend popping in if you’re in the area and even just grabbing a cup of joe to go. 

Maybe next time we get together, we’ll consult this website and see where it takes us!  My goal will be to enforce a strict dress code of a fancy hat and little white wrist gloves.


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