Animal, Vegetable, Miracle


Last night I started reading Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life.”  It’s bascially a collection of essays from Kingsolver, her husband, and their daughter about a year of them growing and eating their own food or, if they were missing something, locally grown food.

When I was a young girl and lived on a pretty nice sized piece of property, we had a great family vegetable garden.  I distinctly remember two things about it, the sunflowers that ran down the middle of the garden – whose seeds I would eat when the heads fell off the stems, and the cucumbers we grew.  Apparently my black thumb was not as prevelent then as it is now, and my dad gave me the responsiblity of caring for the cucumbers.  That meant that I would look at them every once in a while and when I picked them, I could declare them mine.  We had one that I swear was about a foot long and I declared it the biggest cucumber ever grown in the world.  My parents took a picture of me with it and we promptly cut it up for our dinner for the night.

When I have my own house, I really hope to have a vegetable garden.  I try to eat fresh vegetables and fruit as much as possible, and growing them myself will be environmentally friendly and cost-effective, well, that is if I don’t kill what I grow.  I also think that being in a position to provide food for yourself is a fulfilling experience, I think it’s terrible how sometimes we (or maybe just me) are so disconnected by what we put in our mouths, without thinking about how many miles it traveled to get on your plate or what is involved from planting to cultivation to picking to packaging to delivering.

This summer, I am getting a small start with cultivating my own garden by growing my own herbs.  I am enlisting my dad, who is a great gardener, to help me out in the early stages and hopefully I will be able to provide my family and friends beatiful herbs to cook with all summer!  I have also made a resolution to try to get more produce at Farmer’s Markets.  If I eat fresh vegetables and fruit anyway, I might as well help out local farmers and business owners.  So, we’ll see if my exciting plans for the summer works out.  I’ll definitely keep you all updated!

Here’s a good article about Barbara Kingsolver’s year of vegetable in the NY Times, definitely check it out.

She also has a very cool website,, that talks about the book, gives recipes, and offers suggestions for other people who want to eat more locally.


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