Eat Your Way Around DC

I don’t go into DC very often, even though I grew up only about 45 minutes to an hour from the place.  Now that I’m back in Maryland, I am trying to make more of an effort though.  I went to the Washington Zoo this past summer, went to a Wizards game (and am going to another one on Friday), and attended a work holiday party at the Museum of Natural History.  I promise, I am trying to take advantage of where I am.  Baltimore is just a little easier and closer to get to . . .

I digress . . . Washingtonian Magazine recently released its 100 Best Restaurants in DC issue, and I think it’s a pretty good resource for a person who doesn’t know much about where to go in DC but knows that she (or he) wants to eat!

Online, the restaurants are reviewed based on cuisine, mood, what it’s best for, best dishes, insider tips, and service.  They also have a search engine where you can find restaurants based on cuisine, price, location, and review.  I’m a  huge fan on consulting local magazines and newspapers to find new and interesting restaurants to try out, and would definitely recommend checking out the Washingtonian magazine or website this month!



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