Paper Sweets!

My friends and I got really into origami this winter.  We folded 1,000 origami cranes to give to our best friend’s mother as a source of inspiration as she battles throat cancer.  It started off as a huge project, but as we continued folding, we all really enjoyed the art of origami.  I want to learn how to fold new pieces – so far I am stuck at a crane and a heart – but can’t quite find a class where I can learn how to be a great origami folder.  My most recent attempts to fold a rose ended up with me cursing at Youtube and storming away while whining to my beau that I just can’t do it.  He told me to get a grip and try again.  I will when I’m emotionally ready for it . . . .

While doing my origami class research (seriously, how could my former college offer an origami folding class for credit and I can’t find a class anywhere just for fun!), I stumbled upon a very fun book called Girligami.  What does origami folding have to do with food?  Plenty if you fold out of this book!

The author has paper and folds for chocolate covered strawberries, candy hearts, ice cream, and cupcakes.  You better believe that I’m combining my skill for folding origami hearts and the pieces from Girligami to make valentines for all of my loved ones this Valentine’s Day!



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One Response to “Paper Sweets!”

  1. Artist Anika Says:

    I’m jealous of the Origami class. Everything I learn is for fun, but you may want to check out a site called It’s like YouTube for origami. The whole site is videos on how to fold different origami thingies. Very cool.

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