Eat Like a Fancy Pants on a Budget in Baltimore

How can you do that?  Because it’s Baltimore Restaurant Week!


Tons of restaurants in the area participate in Baltimore Restaurant Week, offering 3 course for only $30!  My beau and I took advantage of the deal during this past summer by eating at the Lebanese Taverna, and we hope to participate again this year.

My friend who helps to organize this event recommended Louisiana Restaurant in Fells Point and Black Olive on Bond Street (and Lebanese Taverna, although I told her she’s a season late on this girl!).  At the top of my list is Jack’s Bistro — a chef friend of mine told me that in his opinion, the most inventive chef in Baltimore works here — and Elkridge Furnace Inn.

I have eaten at a few of the restaurants listed and would definitely recommend (menus can be found on the Baltimore Restaurant Week website):
Indigma – delicious indian-fusion restaurant.  My beau and I like to go here for lunch occassionally.
Pazo Restaurant – I went here for my good-bye MD/Hello NY party, and recently revisited for my and my beau’s 2 year anniversary.
Roy’s of Baltimore – delicious hawaiian fusion.  Make sure you get the chocolate souffle and then head over to James Joyce Pub for a beer afterwards.
Sascha’s 527 – I’ve been here twice and loved it the first time and felt ok about it the second time.  But, I would still recommend it.


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